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About a year ago, Colin Kaepernick’s Instagram was a typical football player’s Instagram. Pictures of himself playing football, being involved in charity events, pictures of his family.

Then his Instagram takes a radical switch, with virtually every post talking about police attacking/killing black people, quoting the common tropes pushed by Black Lives Matter, also quoting Shaun King and Malcolm X.
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He posted this on August 18, perhaps foreshadowing what he planned to do.
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He even retweets this tweet from ‘Left’, someone he commonly retweets:
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What happened in his life about a year ago?

He began dating this woman, MTV host and Hot97 DJ, Nessa Diab.
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Diaz, who is black, was born in California and is a graduate of UC Berkeley. She spent time in the Middle East as a child and has a common Arab last name.

Nessa was born in Southern California, but because of her father’s career, she was constantly moving between the United States and the Middle East. “Here is the thing, I was a young girl fearing for my life-I wore gas masks to school,” she says. “I heard war sirens constantly and I knew at this point I had to break out of this lifestyle.” She eventually went to UC Berkeley, where she graduated with a degree in Mass Communications.

Nessa Diab appears to hold radicals in high esteem. She praises the educational system of Cuba, the radical progressive Rabbi who attacked Israel during Muhammad Ali’s memorial service, gives thumbs up to a black activist Justice League leader. She, like Kaepernick, was focused on the alleged police injustices.

Some have speculated that Kaepernick converted to Islam because of a rumor mentioned on a sports gossip site that he might be converting to marry his girlfriend. That there is, however, no proof that he actually has at this point and even that gossip site did not say he had actually converted. They pointed to this Instagram post.

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However saying he ‘knows people fasting’, actually sounds more like he isn’t one.

He has been a Christian and has Christian psalms tattooed on his body. He took his girlfriend home to see his parents at Easter.

What is clear is that the influence of Black Lives Matter, radicals and the Left (and literally, some guy who calls himself Left) seems to have completely absorbed his mind.