Via Campus Reform:

Student journalists at Ithaca College want their professors to incorporate diversity and inclusion into class discussions “in every area of academia.”

In an editorial Wednesday, The Ithacan notes that eight administrators, including the president, have stepped down in the past year under pressure from student protesters, leaving a leadership void that the editors believe must be filled by the faculty.

“The topics of diversity, inclusion, and oppression…took center stage last semester, but they remain areas of discussion many students still do not know much about,” the editors complain. “If students are to become the well-rounded critical thinkers this college wants them to be, it is professors who have the most influence and responsibility to teach them.”

Notably, the editorial contends that “it is no longer enough” for “a small handful” of ethnic studies professors to emphasize social justice in the classroom, saying that approach is insufficient to elicit change on campus and in the world.