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Fine boy.

YOUNGSVILLE, La. — The day before Carson Boutte’s 9th birthday Saturday, his mom asked what he wanted as a present.

He said he wanted lunch — but not for himself.

“He said, ‘Really, I know all the poor people whose houses flooded, … what I would really like to do is bring them lunch,’ said his mom, Lanie Boutte. “I suggested sandwiches and chips, and he added cookies.”

Later that night, the thought of making maybe 500 lunches herself was overwhelming.

“So my husband suggested pizza,” she said. “I said I would spend $100 since that’s what I was going to spend on Carson’s present. I decided to post it on Facebook in case any of my family wanted to chip in, too.”

But by Saturday, her message to her family had traveled much further, and people from throughout Youngsville and nearby Lafayette, La., were volunteering to help. Domino’s offered a special rate for the food as long as those who wanted to help mentioned her name and paid for the order ahead of time.

“I had no idea it would blow up,” she said. Regional Vice President “John Richards from Domino’s matched the first 100 pizzas ordered. …

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