I’ll help you out, Josh, there’s no difference, and we’ve had other people taken hostage since you did this illegal deal.

Via Free Beacon:

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest spent over 8 minutes dodging questions Monday on whether the $400 million that the Obama administration airlifted to Iran, which was contingent on Tehran releasing American hostages, was “ransom” or “leverage.”

“Earlier you kind of suggested that we weren’t asking precise enough questions seven months ago on Iran and that’s why some of the lack of clarity,” a reporter said during the White House daily press briefing. “For the sake of clarity, could you describe for me and for the record the White House’s understanding and the delineation between leverage and ransom?”

Earnest never addressed the difference between leverage and ransom, instead discussing for about two minutes how the press could do a better job focusing on details that he highlighted, so that people could better appraise the benefits of the diplomatic negotiations.

“I’ll concede it was all very complex, but my simple question is: what’s the difference between a ransom and leverage?” the reporter asked again.

Earnest responded by talking about the three different negotiations that the United States had with Iran simultaneously and how the American detainees were released in exchange for Iranian prisoners in the U.S.

“The timing of the $400 million was the leverage,” the reporter said.

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