Obama has reportedly soiled himself.

Via Free Beacon:

North Korea warned Monday that it would launch a preemptive nuclear attack against the U.S. and South Korea if they showed the “slightest sign of aggression” toward Pyongyang while conducting their annual military drills.

The North’s Foreign Ministry said its “first-strike” units are prepared to conduct retaliatory strikes on South Korean and U.S. forces, threatening to turn the two nations into “a heap of ashes.”

The 12-day Ulchi Freedom Guardian command and control drills began Monday with 25,000 American troops and 50,000 South Korean soldiers participating, according to both militaries.

Washington and Seoul have insisted that the exercises are defensive and non-provocative, but North Korea sees the drills as preparation for an invasion.

Pyongyang also protested Monday the U.S.’s plan to deliver air defense systems to South Korea amid restarted nuclear missile tests in the North. The Foreign Ministry accused the U.S. of “creating an evil cycle of tensions” and “bringing the grave danger of nuclear war to the Korean peninsula.”