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Former head of the KGB, once a thug, always a thug. He kills you, wants you and the whole world to know he killed you to discourage opposition.

Via Daily Caller:

A well-known opposition leader to Russian President Vladimir Putin fell into a week-long coma after ingesting a mysterious poison following a visit to Washington, D.C. in 2015 to lobby against Putin.

Political murder was a time honored tradition in the former Soviet Union, and a New York Times investigation reveals it is being used with increasing frequency by Putin.

Political murder, even outside Russian borders, was sanctioned by the Russian parliament in 2006. Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy who defected to Britain, died of radiation poisoning in 2006 after Kremlin agents reportedly slipped radioactive material into a cup of his favorite tea.

“The government is using the special services to liquidate its enemies,” former KGB officer and former member of the Russian parliament, Gennadi V. Gudkov, told The New York Times. “It was not just Litvinenko, but many others we don’t know about, classified as accidents or maybe semi-accidents.”

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