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Via Washington Times:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Saturday that she’s been slammed with “obscene and sick calls” after a hacker posted Democratic congressional lawmakers’ personal contact information online.

The information was apparently stolen in a hack of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has personal contact and other information for all of the Democrats in the House, as well as their top aides.

“On a personal note, I was in the air flying from Florida to California when the news broke. Upon landing, I have received scores of mostly obscene and sick calls, voicemails and text messages,” Mrs. Pelosi said in a letter to colleagues, telling them to prevent their family and children from getting to the messages, presumably because they were so upsetting.

She said she was changing her phone number and urged other House Democrats to do the same.

And she said the hack, which she signaled is likely attributable to Russia, is being investigated. The Capitol Police and the House Sergeant-at-Arms are looking at what vulnerabilities there may be from the hack.

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