Media yawns….

… But the campaign has not explained who was responsible for putting the controversial figure on stage.

Mateen said that he was “invited by the Democratic party.”

“I am a member, so as a member, I get the invitations. There’s nothing particular about it,” he said.

Mateen would likely have been screened as he entered the event, although to appear on the stage with Clinton he would likely require additional screening by the Secret Service or be hand selected by a staffer.

“Those behind the candidate are almost always screened in advance,” a campaign staffer for a former presidential candidate who had Secret Service protection explained in an interview with Breitbart News.

He admitted, however, that a staffer would frequently vouch for additional people who could join the candidate on stage during the rally.

He explained that it was highly unlikely that the Secret Service would allow a person to approach or stand on the stage behind the candidate, without advance screening or explicit permission from a member of the campaign.

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