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Just a note. ‘Terroristic threats’ don’t necessarily mean that it involves a terrorist. It’s a legal term of art that means someone made a threat against someone else, for example a boyfriend telling a girlfriend he’s going to hurt her.

Via Washington Examiner:

The Obama administration, forced to cut spending under the congressional sequester, ordered immigration officials to slash jailed illegals by over 5,000, including some accused of “terroristic threats,” drunk driving, drug and gun possession and sexual assault, according to newly revealed emails.

Hundreds of emails obtained by the Immigration Reform Law Institute under a Freedom of Information Act demand showed urgent demands from Washington to Immigration and Customs Enforcement outposts around the country to release illegals after the 2013 sequester went into effect.

The administration tried to prioritize non-criminal illegals for release, but pressure to move fast prompted the release of criminals. Several illegal immigrants detained for terrorist activities were cited in release emails obtained by the Institute.

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