I’m confused. I thought the story of America was immigrants, isn’t that what Democrats have been telling us? Or is it only illegal immigrants?

Via Newsbusters:

In a rather bold display of liberal media bias on CNN Tonight, Peter Beinart a contributor to The Atlantic declared that Melania Trump’s American experience was somehow invalid compared to Michelle Obama’s. “She has not lived the story of America,” he slammed in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, “She does not understand the story of America.” Not only did he try to tear down Melania Trump he attacked the Republicans and glorified Michelle Obama.

During a discussion about the merits of comparing Melania to the first lady Beinart took the opportunity to praise Michelle. “There’s also a fundamental difference. Michelle Obama is a deep reader of American history,” he fawned. “She told the story of America in very profound ways with that line, “being the mother of two African-American girls in a house built by slaves,”” he continued.

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