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This was the Dems response to the SJW faux-outrge from this pic by Paul Ryan:


Via The Hill:

Democrats posted a selfie on social media of their summer interns Tuesday night. It was done as a response to Speaker Paul Ryan’s infamous selfie with his nearly all-white interns. Democratic members of Congress wanted to send a strong message that they have a diverse intern class compared to House Republicans. Democratic social media users of course ate it up. The Democratic Caucus is patting itself on the back. However, Caucus members don’t deserve it. There’s more to the picture than is shown.

First is the fact that they strategically placed all the black interns in the front and white ones in the back. Second is the fact that the majority of the interns of color are currently serving for either members of the Black caucus, Hispanic caucus or are there through the paid internship programs of each respective caucus. Let us also consider explaining that the paid internship programs from each caucus are unique and rare on the Hill. The problem is if the Hispanic or the Black caucus didn’t exist, the interns in the picture would not be so diverse. So the question then becomes, what are the white members of the Democratic caucus doing in terms of diversity given the fact that they comprise the majority of the caucus? Additionally, another important question: is it the responsibility of members of color to diversify the Congressional workforce, or should it be a shared responsibility and commitment of all members of the caucus?

The House Democratic Caucus comprises of 187 members, meanwhile the Hispanic Caucus has 24 members, the Black Caucus has 49 members, and the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus has 10 key members. Caucus fellowships and internships via their foundations have led to some of the only diversity available in the stuffy air of the halls of Congress. But how do their numbers on staff of color stack up for the entire House of Representatives? Well not so good at all.  According to a study conducted by the National Journal the percent of Latino members of Congress is higher than the percentage of Latino staffers, double to be exact: 6% versus 3%. So while 17% of the country identifies as Latinos, only 3% of the staff is Latino.

It isn’t much better in the upper chamber either. A December study from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies painted grim and embarrassing numbers for Democratic members. The voting base of the party is more diverse than staff numbers of Senate Democrats. Senators who represented states with heavy Latino and Black populations such as California and Texas have little to no staffers of color. And most shocking of all is that there is not a single African-American chief of staff, legislative director, or communications director in the D.C. offices of any Democratic Senator. The only black chief of staff in the upper chamber works for a Republican, Sen. Tim Scott. Out of the 20 senate committees, 17 are led by white people, and 0 by a Latino.

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