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Where are the protests?

Via Washington Times: 

Seven people were killed and at least 52 were wounded by gunfire during another violent weekend in Chicago.

The toll brings the number of people shot in Chicago this year to nearly 2,200, including at least 329 fatalities, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The Chicago Police Department reportedly stepped up patrols last month in preparation for a summer crime spike. First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante said commanders met Monday to discuss a plan for this week, the Tribune reported.

“The courts, our state legislators, other community activists” need to step up and help the police “hold people accountable for their gun violence,” he told reporters at police headquarters.

Officer Escalante cited Sunday’s killing of 38-year-old Raygene Jackson, who was paroled last year after serving 10 years of his 46-year prison sentence for murder.

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