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Via Hypeline:

For college students at Case Western Reserve University, a dislike of cops takes precedence over education.

Case Western Reserve University will be closed for business next week. That’s because students can’t handle the presence of cops. Controversy started when the private university agreed to house police officers for the RNC convention.

The convention has nothing to do with the students and the officers won’t be doing police work on campus, but the students claim “safety” is an issue. Students and their compatriots complained about the police presence through a Change.org petition.

In the petition, students decided that police are racist, homophobic and dangerous:

“I am scared and concerned for students of color, queer* and trans* students, and all university community members,” wrote one supporter, who also urged the university to protect it “as a safe space for all bodies.”

Another said that the police presence “reinforces the reality that our lives and mental health does not matter” […]

University President Barbara Snyder apologized for agreeing to house police without asking students first.

Heat Street reported that “classes will likely be held off-campus. Faculty are not encouraged to come to their offices, and students on-campus will be assisted in finding alternate housing.”

Cleveland.com reported that the “university will offer counseling and support services and a ‘safe space’ for those who want to express their concerns about housing police on campus and the convention,” Cleveland.com reported.

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