The winners got to go home with their head still attached to their body.

Via Daily Mail:

ISIS is known for staging horrific public executions but these bizarre pictures show the terrorist group attempting to portray a very different image.

The photographs capture children as young as five taking part in a makeshift Jihad Olympics, believed to have been staged in the ISIS controlled city of Tal Afar, in Iraq.

Dissidents revealed that the regime is desperate to portray life as normal under ISIS in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria, according to the Daily Star.

And these images, which were posted to Twitter by Terrormonitor – a group that report on terror activity around the globe – appear to show ISIS attempting to do exactly that.

In the pictures, children don a selection of British football shirts as they compete against each other in the miniature Olympics put on by the terrorist group.

Large crowds look on and support the young competitors, who apparently got to go home with bags of sweets if they won.

ISIS is more widely known for extreme acts of brutality, including public beheadings, amputating limbs and stoning people.

But locals were encouraged to come and watch the unusually light-hearted spectacle, which was apparently staged in the Nineveh Province.

The paper reported that older people were also encouraged to join in on the 'fun' but felt obliged to let the Jihadists win for fear of repercussions.