If this guy actually were a terrorism expert, he would know that ISIS has also used Obama and Bill Clinton in their media as well. 

Via Mediaite:  

An MSNBC terrorism analyst tonight referred to Donald Trump as “the ISIS candidate” during a discussion on combating terror.

Chris Matthews ran video of Trump trashing Hillary Clinton as “a weak person” who will not be able to adequately fight terror. He even claimed that terror groups like ISIS “have dreams at night” that Clinton becomes president.

MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance called those assertions “laughable” and pointed to how Trump’s own words have been used in pro-ISIS propaganda.

And then he said this:

“I will go so far as to say Donald Trump is the ISIS candidate. He inflames the passions of people in the West to perform Islamophobia, to draw recruits to them, to make them say ‘This is what America is.'”