Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton

Via Politico:

Concerned that Hillary Clinton is still struggling to generate excitement, President Barack Obama is preparing to campaign for her by reminding voters there was a time he didn't like her so much, but he came around — and they should too.

That’s the only way, Obama and aides working with him think, that she’ll have the positive mandate she’ll need to govern. Winning the White House by just not being Trump won’t help win House and Senate races, and it won’t give her the support she needs if and when she’s the new president, trying to keep the public and Congress behind her agenda.

“You want people to feel as passionate about Hillary Clinton being president as they do about stopping Donald Trump. If this isn’t a close race, it’s still going to matter a great deal for her presidency,” said David Plouffe, Obama’s 2008 campaign manager and now an outside political adviser to both the president and the campaign. “That’s one place where we need to see some improvement, on the intensity side of the Clinton question.”