We brought you the story of the Communist ‘antifa’ group that attacked neo-Nazi group in Sacramento over the weekend. One of the leaders of the violent antifa group, Yvette Felarca who is a national organizer for BAMN, ‘By Any Means Necessary’, admitted her group had come specifically to attack the neo-Nazi group. She also happened to be a teacher at the Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley. She’s shown in the tweet above, actually caught attacking a man on camera, right in front of cops. Notice she blocks him away with her body, turns him around, punches him repeatedly, pulls his backpack to drag him to the ground, then others kick him while he is on the ground.

Here she is also at 2:17, throwing something at another person and running.

As we noted previously, they didn’t just limit their actions to neo-Nazis. They also drove a media crew away, pushing them, stealing their equipment, and knocking one man to the ground.

Why is this person who helped incite a riot and personally attacked people not under arrest? And it just warms the cockles of my soul that this woman is teaching impressionable young children.