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Here’s a thought. Stop providing improper security for Valerie Jarrett who has no right to Secret Service protection.

Via Fox News:

The Bernie Sanders supporters were hatching an online plan to wage a protest inside a rally for Donald Trump when one cautioned that, even in the heat of a polarizing presidential campaign rife with overheated rhetoric, the government was watching.

“The Secret Service will be monitoring Facebook and other social media,” the poster cautioned others as they planned a disruption inside a Southern California rally for the presumptive GOP nominee. “Be smart when posting. Any perceived threats will come with a knock at the door.”

If the Secret Service was monitoring that conversation, it isn’t saying. But combing through social media for potential threats amid one of the most divisive presidential campaigns in memory ultimately falls to the agency, as does providing in-person protection to Trump, Sanders and likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. It may be too much, even for an agency with a $2 billion budget and 3,200 special agents, say some experts.

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