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From HuckFunn:

Why Brexit? Maybe the Brits were fed up with pencil-necked Belgian bureaucrats imposing onerous regulations on every aspect of of their lives. It’s almost as if they were in competition with the mindless crap being dished on us by Washington bureaucrats. Here are just a few.

1. Ban on curvy bananas and crooked cucumbers
2. Ban on incandescent lightbulbs
3. Ban on vacuum cleaners over 1600 watts
4. Drinking water does not prevent dehydration. This one is special. EU bureaucrats decreed that there is no evidence that water prevents dehydration and therefore water bottlers were prohibited from making such frivolous claims in their advertising or labeling.
5. ‘Diabetics’ banned from driving
6. It is illegal to eat your pet horse
7. Jams, jellies and marmalade guidelines
8. Olive oil in restaurants

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