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So you have an Islamic terrorist who even in 2001 as a teenager was cheering the 9/11 attack. He cased different targets, including Disney World (happy, but not a ‘gay’ target) and prepared for the attack apparently for quite some time. He listened to Anwar al Awlaki videos, and has connection to radicals like American suicide Moner Abu Salha. He makes comments to coworkers about his connections to terrorists that spark them to call the FBI. During the attack, he calls media, says he’s doing it because of ISIS, tells the victims that’s why he’s doing it, tells the police that’s why he’s doing it. He also tells victims he’s doing it because the ‘US bombing of my country'[Afghanistan, he was born in NY but apparently self-identified as Afghan]. ISIS claims the attack and calls him a ‘soldier of the caliphate’.

The police never say it’s Islamic terrorism, and they immediately said the morning after, ‘there are leanings in that direction’. They have reported the connections to radicals and are still looking at all the connections now.

But it’s ‘domestic gun violence’ to these people?

Why? Because of the media narrative and politicians like Obama and Clinton pushing it.

At least 48% (translate Republicans and people with sense) get it.