Orlando Shooting

This is a bit of an approximation, as it doesn’t include things like honor killings, or people that died after the particular events. Also the categorization of what is classed as a ‘radical islamic’ is subjective.

Via Free Beacon:

A new report shows that more than 90 people have been killed on American soil in attacks by radical Islamists since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

A report developed by the New America Foundation and Syracuse University chronicles all of the murders committed by Islamic extremists over the last 15 years putting the number at 94 after Sunday’s deadly attack by an ISIS sympathizer in Orlando. The same report says 48 people have been killed on American soil by other types of extremists.

The report includes the attacks perpetrated by Islamic terrorists in Los Angeles, Seattle, Fort Hood, Little Rock, Boston, Oklahoma City, the District of Columbia, New Jersey, San Bernardino, and Orlando. The majority of those attacks have occurred under President Obama, taking 91 lives.

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