Obama called it an ‘act of terror’ and ‘act of hate.’ He said we have not as yet reached no definitive judgment on motivations of killer, what is clear is person full of hatred.

He expressed gratitude to police and first responders, kept carnage from being worse, noting it’s sacrifice LE makes every day.

He also mentioned hate repeatedly, saying it was an especially horrible day for LGBTQ people, calling the gay nightclub a ‘place of solidarity’ where people come to ‘advocate for their civil rights’. He stated attack on any one is attack on all of us.

He then went after guns again, saying person had handgun and ‘powerful assault rifle’.

So he blamed ‘hate’ suggesting anti-gay hate crime, and guns, but never mentioned Islamic terrorism once, saying motive wasn’t yet identifiable. He did go further than he has ever before noting it was a terrorist attack.