Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said he would sign a bill forcing private businesses to allow restroom and locker room access on the basis of gender identity, should it reach his desk.

Mr. Baker, a Republican, told The Boston Globe Tuesday that the bill addresses concerns over discrimination faced by transgender people.

“We’ve certainly listened to a variety of points of view from many sides and have said, from the beginning, that we don’t want people to be discriminated against,” Mr. Baker said. “If the House bill were to pass in its current form, yeah, I would sign it.”

Bill S.735, which has passed the state Senate and is expected to be voted upon in the house Wednesday, in its current form requires “any entity that offers the provision of goods, services, or access to the public, that lawfully segregates or separates access to such public accommodation or other entity based on a person’s sex shall grant all persons admission to and the full enjoyment of such public accommodation or other entity consistent with the person’s gender identity.”

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