The wussification of America continues unabated.

Via Red Alert:

Only 30 percent of adult men under 30 identify themselves as “completely masculine,” according to a survey conducted by YouGov. What’s more, 18 percent — almost 1 in every 5 American men — identify themselves as more feminine than masculine. The study included a random sample of men, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Men in their thirties and early forties were significantly more likely to rate themselves as masculine, and men ages 45 and up overwhelmingly responded that they are completely masculine or almost completely masculine.

Until now, conventional wisdom had held that millennials were redefining gender roles. Now, it appears that the men of our generation are rejecting gender roles altogether. And plenty of women are doing the same: The same YouGov study found that 12 percent of women identify themselves as more masculine than feminine. […]

For the first time in more than a century, more young adult men are living with their parents than are living with a romantic partner. Women, however, are more likely to live with a partner than with their parents.