Red meat for the base.

Via Salon:

The Bernie Sanders camp continues its push for Palestinian rights.

Two of the members of the Democratic Party’s platform drafting committee who were appointed by Sen. Sanders have criticized Israel and called for a more even-handed approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict, The New York Times reported.

Cornel West, the renowned scholar and activist, and James Zogby, a longtime pro-Palestinian advocate and president of the Arab American Institute, condemned Israel’s illegal nearly five-decade-long military occupation of the Palestinian territories on Wednesday.

Both argued that the Democratic Party is increasingly out of touch with its rank-and-file supporters, more and more of whom oppose the Israeli government for its crimes against the Palestinians.

“Justice for Palestinians cannot be attained without the lifting of the occupation,” West said in an interview cited by the Times.

He stressed that the Democratic Party platform needs to bring more balance to “the plight of an occupied people.”

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