The ISIS used dogs in a new violent method of punishing its members as it has recently executed several leaders by giving them to dogs to be eaten to death.

A Peshmerga commander on Gwer frontline said that IS has recently executed a number of its leaders on charges of failing to accomplish their chief duties.

Hasan Khala Hasan, the Peshmerga commander, said that IS has reportedly tied the leaders to trees and used dogs to maul them to death.

IS used this violent method of executing its members to frighten other members to strictly follow the rules and commands.

Dler Ahmed, a Kurdish sociologist, explained that IS employs frightening methods as a principle of the organization to achieve its aims.

“IS uses any members who are thought to be of no use, for the organization to frighten other members”

The frightening method affects only the members of the organization and it will leave no effect on anti-IS forces, he added.