Norway being one of the countries Obama thinks should rule the world.

Via Daily Caller:

A proposed bill in the Norwegian Parliament would allow people to change their legal gender online within a matter of minutes.

The bill is expected to pass with few objections when it goes to a vote this summer. Norwegians would just have to go online and simply “tick a box” to change their legal gender.

Children as young as six years of age will be able to change their gender if both parents agree. If one parent objects, authorities will decide what’s “in the child’s best interest.”

“The law will make things easier for us. We wont’t have to always prepare everything in advance before going anywhere,” Sofie Brune, the mother of a six year-old girl who wants to be a boy, told The Local. “So it’s natural that he now plays for the local boy’s [soccer] team, and he’s treated as a boy in school.”