UPDATE TO THIS THREAD. He sent out the letter this morning.


Here’s a link to the letter.

Nick note:

The letter tries to argue that ‘gender identity’ is the same as ‘sex’ for the purposes of the law, saying that is clear law. No, it isn’t, it’s the Obama regime making law again.

Then, in the letter, they even argue against themselves, noting:

Gender identity refers to an individual’s internal sense of gender. A person’s gender identity may be different from or the same as the person’s sex assigned at birth.

But a couple of paragraphs down:

The Departments treat a student’s gender identity as the student’s sex for purposes of Title IX and its implementing regulations.

Now I’m confused, they argue it’s different from sex for purposes of getting them in the opposite bathroom, but then argue it’s the same for purposes of meeting the law?

Another troubling part:

A school’s Title IX obligation to ensure nondiscrimination on the basis of sex requires schools to provide transgender students equal access to educational programs and activities even in circumstances in which other students, parents, or community members raise objections or concerns.

So what community members think doesn’t matter, you shall enforce the dictates of the king.