They should just stop May Day rallies from happening. All they are is an excuse to break stuff.

Via WSJ:

Seattle police used pepper spray to disperse black-clad anticapitalist protesters authorities say threw rocks, flares, bricks and Molotov cocktails at officers during a rowdy May Day gathering.

At least nine people were arrested Sunday evening. Authorities said five officers were hurt, none seriously.

The clashes in Seattle followed a peaceful march in the city earlier in the day by advocates for workers and immigrants, just one of several events in cities nationwide Sunday to call for better wages for workers, an end to deportations and support for an Obama administration plan to give work permits to immigrants in the country illegally whose children are U.S. citizens.

In Los Angeles, hundreds of May Day marchers took to the streets chanting slogans and carrying signs, and at least one Donald Trump piƱata.

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