Unions, aren’t they great?

Via CNN:

Verizon (VZ, Tech30) said Wednesday it is investigating 57 instances of network sabotage and other criminal activity during the two weeks since 36,000 workers walked off the job.

In a normal year, the company said such incidents are “rare,” with just about six or so reported. But Verizon said the nefarious activity has “accelerated” since the strike began on April 13.

Verizon said the criminal incidents have taken place across five states and includes “intentionally damaging Verizon equipment,” vandalizing terminal boxes and “severing” fiber-optic cables.

For instance, Verizon said vandals in Salisbury, MA sliced wires inside a terminal that provided 911 emergency services to local residents. Service was later restored. There have been 17 incidents alone in New Jersey, mostly in the northern part of the state, Verizon said.

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