It should go without saying that the prescribed actions here are almost all illegal.


More than the ordinary supporter, Forbes has been active on social media promoting pro-Trump memes and organizing ‘online squads’, according to this mention about him in the NY Times, in October.

Not all of the outpouring is spontaneous. Supporters have organized themselves into online squads that defend Mr. Trump. A man identifying himself as Gary Forbes has recruited volunteer “operatives” on Twitter, sending out daily emails directing them to emphasize pro-Trump messages (“Trump’s immigration plan will protect thousands of women from abuse”) and target rival candidates (“What Jeb must do for Fox Billionaire Murdoch’s $$$”). A project code-named “Magic Kingdom” took aim last week at Mr. Rubio, the senator from Florida, according to an email obtained by The New York Times.

Asked about the effort, Mr. Forbes directed questions to the Trump campaign. A Trump spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said the campaign had no affiliation with Mr. Forbes.


UPDATE: Gary tells followers to go to the homes of delegates and organize protests.