Another unearned entitlement.

Via Independent Sentinel:

Broadband services are now a right!

Broadband is being defined as a need – a right – for those who allegedly can’t pay for it themselves. No one minds giving to the poor but that is not what this is.

This is Marxist redistribution.

The Washington Times reported that the Federal Communications Commission agreed Thursday to expand the Obamaphone, dubbed the LifeLine Program, to include high-speed Internet access.

“Failing a major change in direction, the FCC is preparing to massively expand the size and scope of the Lifeline Program without the necessary inclusion of a hard budget or financial constraints,” conservative FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly wrote in his blog on the commission’s website.

Lifeline has no restrictions, no expiration dates, and no one is expected to look for a job.

“Such irresponsible action will balloon a program plagued by waste, fraud, and abuse and result in higher phone bills for every American — including those already struggling in the current economy. In sum, it’s a recipe for disaster, and I can’t and won’t be part of it,” he said.

The program is already rife with fraud and scammers.

Back in March of 2015, FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai said the Internet bill is going to go up as the government exercises more and more control over it. Broadband is now a public utility thanks to net neutrality. Net Neutrality, sold under false pretenses, was always a plan to control the Internet.

It didn’t take long for the government thieves to concoct their first plan to steal from the average American to redistribute their wealth.

Broadband will be subsidized by working class Americans for those who aren’t working. The plan includes sweeping changes and declares broadband as an essential right we must pay for.

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