Kansas Chalk

Have chalk will travel.

Via The College Fix:

Riding the tails of a similar controversy at Emory University, University of Kansas students are expressing outrage over pro-Donald Trump messages written in chalk that appeared around campus this week.

Like Emory, the KU administration promised to investigate the matter as a content-neutral violation of its strict chalking policy.

But unlike Emory, KU’s first reaction to the chalkings came on Twitter – provoking a barrage of angry tweets from students who claimed it was being evasive and ignoring the perceived racism in the Trump chalkings.

The university also might have confused students about what its chalking policy actually allows them to do, particularly with regard to campaign slogans.

‘Why does admin CONSTANTLY play down student concerns?’

Student Shegufta Huma was apparently the first person to publicize the chalkings, tweeting photos of them to the university’s official Twitter account.[…]

Unlike Emory President James Wagner’s lengthy email to the community after meeting with 40–50 protesters, promising to make “immediate refinements” to its bias incident reporting system, unknown KU staff responded directly to Huma just two hours later and questioned her assumption that the chalking reflected KU sentiment.[…]

When the KU Twitter account explained the school was investigating the chalking as a possible violation of its rules against “unapproved chalking,” it told another Twitter user that “Trump 2016” would have been approved if a student had requested permission in advance.

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