Indoctrinating the next generation of Social Justice Warrior’s.


Preschoolers in Colorado are learning about same-sex marriage and other gender issues. Both public and private schools are seeing a push for anti-bias curricula in their classrooms.

It’s a topic that teachers are not afraid to talk about it.

From the preschool level with same-sex couples in picture books all the way to the high school level … students and teachers are talking about these issues together.

“We’ve seen really heartbreaking data that suggests these conversations need to happen and they need to happen early in schools,” Bethy Leonardi said. She’s a professor for future teachers at CU-Boulder.

She’s also the co-founder of the University’s initiative called “A Queer Endeavor.” It has helped train thousands of current teachers over the past few years.

“The question that we seem to get asked a lot is why do this? Why so young? Is it appropriate?” Leonardi said.

She also said it’s not about taking sides on anything, it’s about education. It’s not an agenda. We’re not telling people what to think. We’re saying gay people exist. There are families with two moms. Some kids don’t identify in the binary. That’s it.”

HT: FreedomFirst