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Because getting a ticket into some of the most elite colleges in the country is a prison sentence.

Via Daily Caller:

For years, black activists have said that a lack of access to education causes much of the chaos and violence in the inner city, but now that many have been ushered into educations at the nation’s most elite colleges, more than a few seem to want to go back to ghettos.

Alanna Hardy, a black student at the University of Rochester, a $64,000-a-year private school in New York, recently lamented having to spend time at the “barren, racist wasteland that is the U of R.”

Another, Charlisa Goodlet, said that she is a “prisoner within my own city” by having to attend the elite college.

Both live in a blacks-only on-campus mansion that was built by a fraternity and then seized by the school and made into a dorm called the Frederick Douglass Leadership House. Hardy called the segregated dorm an “oasis” where she could recover from the pain of having to be near whites and Asians while walking to class.

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