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Calls out the common leftist problem, relegating everyone into interest groups.

MADISON — Texas Senator Ted Cruz was joined by his wife Heidi, mother Eleanor and Carly Fiorina at a campaign event in Madison Wednesday, March 30th that he called a “celebration of strong women.”

Cruz, his wife, his 81-year-old mother and Fiorina fielded questions from a moderator at the Sheraton Hotel ballroom in Madison. Cruz’s two young daughters also appeared at the event dubbed “Women for Cruz.”

“The purpose of this event is — I want to take some time to introduce you to three strong women who I admire, who I respect, who I learn from, who I look up to,” Ted Cruz said.

The free-wheeling conversation included Cruz reminiscing about his upbringing, his mother telling stories about Cruz memorizing the Constitution as a high school student and Fiorina talking about her stepdaughter’s struggle and ultimate death from drug addiction.

“Ted was always so interested in so many different things,” Eleanor Darragh said.

“It was nice to hear from his mother. You can see that he got a lot from her,” Craig Winsberg said.

The event was different from what supporters have seen on the campaign trail. Ted Cruz was careful to point out the importance of women in his campaign, and he made no mention of the other two candidates he is up against in this race.

“Every issue is a women’s issue,” Cruz said.

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