Funny like a rash.

Via Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton burst out in empathetic laughter when Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Ridgefield, said that her own husband has made so many mistakes that it would be difficult for her to be held accountable for them.

In the clip, flagged by the Weekly Standard, Ridgefield said that young people “across the country” are concerned about Clinton’s dishonesty.

“I’ve been listening to people, the young people in general, and they say, ‘Well, I don’t know, how can you vote for Hillary, she lied,’” Ridgefield said, and proceeded to defend Clinton. “I say, ‘Girl, did she lie to you?’”

Her remarks were met with laughter from the crowd. Ridgefield said that wives should not be held accountable for their husband’s actions and defended her by saying that she apologized for her husband’s errors.

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