The rest of us do too.

Via IB Times:

There’s “no friggin’ way” Neil Spencer would vote for a Republican for president, but he’s not ready for Hillary, either. Spencer, a 20-year-old senior at Florida State University in Tallahassee, said he believes nearly all politicians are corrupt, a stance he started forming in high school after taking an Advanced Placement American history course.

Now a senior majoring in political science and international affairs in a swing state that often decides national elections, Spencer said he probably won’t vote this November if his choices are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He’s scrutinizing issues like healthcare, trying to figure out why people like his grandparents have to slave away to afford their insurance deductibles while countries like France provide coverage for free.

He’s keeping an eye on the economy, because he grew up during the Great Recession. He’ll also be watching presumptive nominees Trump and Clinton over the next few months: whether they adjust their platforms, whether they resort to attack ads and whether they consider millennials a true constituency.

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