Time for the NBA and WNBA to merge.

Via The Daily Signal:

Big business has stomped into another state trying to impose the values of the cultural left. This time a governor who dared to stand up for responsible policy is being targeted by its bullying over bathrooms.

At issue is H.B. 2, a bill Republican Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law last week after it passed the House 83-25 and the Senate 32-0.

The bill accomplishes two main objectives. First, it says that private schools, restaurants, stores, and businesses are free to establish whatever bathroom policies they’d like, but that access to government bathrooms will be determined primarily by biological sex.

Second, it says that North Carolina will have one set of regulations for the entire state when it comes to employment and public accommodation, rather than an additional piecemeal of regulations city by city.

Boycotting North Carolina

Big business and special interest groups are threatening boycotts. The mayor of San Francisco issued an order to “to bar any publicly-funded city employee travel to the State of North Carolina.” ThinkProgress reports that IBM, PayPal, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Salesforce are all against the law. The ACLU has even lodged a federal lawsuit against North Carolina.

The NBA has said North Carolina’s law might make them move the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte. The NBA threat over the All-Star Game is particularly amusing. The NBA (and its sister organization, the WNBA) apparently think bathroom access shouldn’t be based on biology, but that basketball leagues should.

The NBA and WNBA, of course, are free to have gender-neutral basketball teams—and to have gender-neutral bathrooms at those games. Why they are threatening the state to impose a policy that they haven’t even voluntarily adopted is the height of hypocrisy.

And it’s another example of “cultural cronyism.” Just like we saw in Indiana last year, and in Georgia today, big businesses are using their outsized market share to make economic threats to pressure the government to do their bidding—at the expense of the common good.

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