dont call 911

You can’t fix stupid.

Via The Blaze:

A burglar missed a vital warning sign when he chose to break into one Indiana mother’s home Thursday.

Hanging on the woman’s front door was a clear sign that read, “We don’t call 911.” The sign featured an image of a gun.

Unfortunately for the thief, he opted for the worst possible entry point: the baby’s room.

Hearing what sounded like an intruder, the mother grabbed her gun and rushed to her child’s room. Her suspicions were confirmed when she arrived she saw the armed intruder. A shootout ensued.

The burglar and the mother both fired shots, but it quickly became evident which shooter had the better aim.

The suspect, who even came equipped with zip ties and a walkie-talkie, was shot multiple times, police said. The altercation ended with the mother and infant unharmed, but the suspect had to be taken to a local hospital, WXIN-TV reported.

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