Trump Effigy

Burn Gringo, burn.

Via NY Post:

Mexico City residents celebrated Easter by setting a 10-foot papier-mâché effigy of Donald Trump on fire.

The smiling Trump dummy dressed in a snappy blue suit, red power tie, and trademark golden comb-over was stuffed with explosives to hasten its combustion during the Saturday night ritual.

Artists usually make effigies of Mexican politicians as a stand-in for Judas, who betrayed Christ, during Holy Week events in an expression of discontent with public officials.

But this year, artist Leonardo Linares chose Trump for the honor because of “all the stupid things he has said about Mexicans,” according to reports.

“I thought people would like to see him burning as Judas,” Linares told The Guardian. “I think he’s just saying these things to become famous. Who knows if he actually believes it.”

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