Via Daily Caller:

A conservative professor at Marquette University has been ordered to apologize for critical comments he made of another professor on his blog, or else he will lose his job.

The tribulation of political science professor John McAdams began nearly a year and a half ago. McAdams has long run a blog called Marquette Warrior where he frequently voices conservative views on both Marquette and national issues. In the fall of 2014, he wrote about an incident between a Marquette undergraduate and a graduate student, Cheryl Abbate, who was teaching a philosophy course.

Abbate was discussing how the philosophy of John Rawls could be used in modern political debates, and so spent some time engaging in short debates over various political issues. But when she reached gay rights as an issue, she skipped over it, allegedly stating that “everybody agrees on this.”

A student opposed to gay marriage approached Abbate after class, arguing it was disrespectful to so lightly dismiss his opinion and deny him the opportunity to voice his views in class. In response, Abbate told the student that his opinions were not appropriate for the class. The entire thing was caught on tape, as the student surreptitiously recorded the conversation.

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