The special snowflakes would be up in arms if one of their classmates was a convicted pedophile.

Via The Gothamist:

Dozens of New York University students and community members have been occupying the Kimmel Center for University Life since yesterday evening, demanding that the school stop making applicants disclose whether they’ve ever been convicted of a crime.

Like many universities, NYU uses the Common Application, which requires applicants to check a box if they have ever been found guilty or convicted of a crime. The advocates currently staging a sit-in at the student center are demanding that the school go completely “box blind,” meaning that it would opt out of receiving that data from the Common Application.

Some two dozen students stayed in the Kimmel Center overnight, though it technically closed at midnight. They were told that they might face disciplinary action by staying all night, as they would be trespassing, and public safety officers stationed themselves by the doors to the center and at the top of the stairs near the turnstiles leading to the restrooms. According to Emma Pliskin, a 2015 NYU alumna and an organizer with the Incarceration to Education Coalition (IEC), the officers prevented students from accessing the restrooms, and would not let them back in the building if they left to use a restroom elsewhere.

“We want to be as respectful and as flexible as possible when dealing with this occupation,” Senior Vice President of Student Affairs Marc Wais told students last night. “But like I said before, this building closes at midnight, and we will be shutting it down at midnight. NYU students that choose to stay in the building could potentially face disciplinary action for trespassing.”

A second group of students and advocates was stationed just outside the doors to the center. Together with those inside, they chanted and sang until about 1:30 a.m., at which point those outside dispersed, and those indoors tried to get some sleep.

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