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PDFs of the National Enquirer article about Ted Cruz having five affairs were sent to me by a friend on Wednesday evening. When he sent it, my buddy reminded me that the National Enquirer has been right about this kind of stuff before, like in the case of former Senator Edwards.

I read the article about the Cruz affairs, but for many reasons including the fact that Roger Stone, Trump friend and “hit man” was quoted in the story paid it no heed (although it did make me wonder if Stone is the one who planted the story).

My friend was correct when he said the supermarket tabloid has been proven right at times, but the National Enquirer has been wrong more than it’s been right. Consider stories such as Hillary Clinton has brain cancer (it may seem that way but her only mental disease is her extreme liberalism), Angelina Jolie was down to 83 pounds and near death (there was a recent picture of her in the latest Vanity Fair and she looks pretty hot for a dead lady), and of course Michelle Obama’s planned divorce because the president has been with 12 different women (with all the time he is taking to ruin the country he has little time to sleep around). Face it this is the magazine that has said Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were getting divorced so many times that I am sure the still happily married couple must be beginning to doubt themselves.

But on Friday the Cruz story erupted, and things I should have noticed when I first read the story on Wednesday came to light.

For example, three of the five women have been identified, one of the women Amanda Carpenter I know personally. Not that we are good friends but she is more of a friend to some of my good friends. And from everything I know about Amanda, everything I’ve read about her, and from posts on her Facebook page about her family, I feel comfortable betting big money on the fact that Amanda has never cheated on her husband with Ted Cruz, or any one else.

Amanda vehemently denied the story on CNN today (see the video below). Another of the five women who have been identified is Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson who has denied the accusations and a third who has been identified is former Carly Fiorina staffer Sarah Isgur Flores who hasn’t denied it yet, but I am sure it’s coming.

The Enquirer piece neglected to mention that National Enquirer owner David Pecker is a close friend of Trump’s and this is not the first time the magazine tried to destroy a Trump rival.

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