Disagreement between church choir members.


A cluster of fights Sunday afternoon got so out of hand police could not break them up.

Officers responded to the fights at the corner of Walker Avenue and Orleans Street, down the street from where it was originally reported.

Police found about a dozen people brawling in the middle of the street in what they said were three or four separate fights.

Police said nobody would stop and obey their commands and had to be physically separated.

The confrontation was caught on camera.

Officers were finally able to isolate the fighters and said most appeared uninjured except for some bloody noses and some limping.

Victims were taken to the hospital in non-critical condition.

Witnesses said the feud started at Christ Quest Community Church before spilling into the street.

“And then they went to jacking, they went to fighting,” a witness said.

That’s when neighbors said one of the people intentionally hit four people with her car.

“She hit them with the car and kept going,” the witness said.

That neighbor said what she saw was not shocking.

“They had to arrest two of the girls because they willing to thump with them, these hoodrats,” she said. “They just know what they need to do for hood rats in the hood.”

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