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If you thought Obama being at the same baseball game as terrorists, was coincidental, think again. Perfect timing meeting with terrorists during terror attack. US classes FARC as a terrorist organization.


The news that US Secretary of State John Kerry met with leaders from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, this week has highlighted the sense that a peace accord between the rebels and the Colombian government now looks almost inevitable.

But while the international community applauds the approaching end of 50 years of civil war, reactions to the meeting in Colombia have underlined that support for the peace talks at home should not be taken for granted.

The closed-door meeting took place in Havana on Monday, within the context of President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba, where the peace negotiations have been based since November 2014. The meeting — which received blanket coverage across Colombian media — was preceded by another encounter with high officials from the Colombian government.

It also follows Obama’s pledge last month of $450 million in aid to Colombia following a peace deal. This marks a major change of focus for US aid to Colombia that has totaled nearly $10 billion since 2000 and been concentrated on helping the government combat rebels and drug production.

The anger all this has generated among some Colombians seemed to burst out at the news that a US secretary of state actually sat down with the rebels in Havana. Many took to Twitter to voice their disapproval via the hashtag #KerryConTerroristasNo, or #NoToKerryWithTerrorists.

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