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Read between the lines: She didn’t inform them of the conflict, they found out, and yet still they will hire her, despite her being deceptive. No problem there…

Via The Hill:

A former aide to President Obama was signed and then dropped as a political analyst for MSNBC and NBC News on the same day, The Washington Examiner reported.

Stephanie Cutter, who was supposed to join the news networks as a hard-news political analyst, was dropped hours after she signed because of a conflict of interest.

“She will contribute exclusively on a range of topics across all platforms including Meet the Press, TODAY, Nightly and MSNBC,” a report from Politico Playbook stated Friday.

But on the same day it was announced she was signing with the networks, news surfaced that Cutter would be overseeing a White House effort to get Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, confirmed.

Cutter will oversee the new Constitutional Responsibility Project, The New York Times reported, which will advertise, collect donations and help address attacks on Garland.

Cutter was dropped by NBC and MSNBC because of her involvement in the effort.

“We look forward to Stephanie’s insights on our air during this election year, but she will appear as a guest and not as an analyst due to her leadership role in the battle over the President’s Supreme Court nomination,” a network spokesperson said in a statement.