First time in a long time Mooch and Barack have vacationed together.

Via The Daily Mail:

The first family is headed to Cuba on Sunday for a historic trip the White House says will ‘deepen’ America’s relationship with the communist government.

President Barack Obama will become the first sitting U.S. president to visit the communist country in nearly 90 years when Air Force One touches down in Havana on Sunday afternoon for a three-day visit that precedes two days of travel in Argentina.

The U.S. president will meet with Cuban dictator Raul Castro during his visit, as well as dissidents of the authoritarian government. He’ll also give a televised speech from Havana’s national theater, Gran Teatro Alicia Alonso.

The president’s spokesman on Friday said Obama will not shy away from using his ‘bully pulpit’ on the trip to address human rights violations in the communist country that the United States was estranged from for more than 50 years.

For more than 50 years, we tried a strategy of saying, well, why don’t we just try to ignore the Cubans and see if they change their mind on their own. Not surprisingly, that strategy didn’t really work very well, so we’re trying a new approach,’ White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Friday.

Earnest said, the new approach is ‘the President of the United States is going to get on Air Force One, he’s going to fly to Havana, Cuba, and he is going to sit down with the leader of Cuba and say, you need to do a better job of protecting the human rights of your people.

‘He’s going to give a speech to the Cuban population, to the Cuban people, one that will be carried on TV, according to the Cuban government, where the President will advocate for better respect for human rights.

And while he’s in town the president will ‘visit with people who have previously been victimized by the government, and encourage them to continue to fight for the kinds of universal human rights that we deeply cherish in this country.’

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