A blow for women’s rights in Nigeria. Update to this previous story.

Via Africa News:

The Nigerian defense headquarters said on Saturday that female bombers now dress in men attire to have access to mosque unhindered to detonate their bombs.

Defense spokesperson Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar said in a statement reaching Xinhua that the military authorities discovered that Boko Haram terrorists are determined to continue letting off bombs and have resorted to hiding their true sex identity.

He said the latest suicide attack in the mosque at Molai Umurari village in Borno State, where 22 people were killed and 18 others sustained various degrees is instructive in this regard.

The defense spokesperson advised the public to be wary of suspicious persons, irrespective of sex at worship places, markets and public entertainment centers.

According to Abubakar, the splinter cells of the remnant Boko Haram terror group still engage in some systematic isolated attacks, mainly on soft targets in their desperation to remain relevant, having been effectively dislodged and decimated.

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