TN Family

Joe Biden never mentioned duct tape.


Memphis Police Department is investigating a disturbing photo that surfaced Friday on social media.

The photo shows two children duct taped at their hands and mouth. The picture is captioned, “Kids for sale, 45% because they bad.”

The picture was posted by Facebook user Jaton Justsilly Jaibabi, who has since deactivated the account.

In addition to MPD, other state departments are also investigating the photo.

In the photo you can see tears in the oldest child’s eyes.

“That’s wrong. That’s no joke. It’s nothing to play with. I find it offensive,” a Trezevant High School student that lives nearby said

MPD said they opened an investigation after we sent them the photo Thursday night.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services said they have very limited information, but they are doing more research before investigating the family.

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